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Comment on the Spanish Pyrenees

Street in Torla Spain

Torla is a small town in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees near the base of Mount Mondarruego.  I had researched this place before going and was captivated by its setting from the photos I had seen.  Torla is a well-known ski resort with the Spanish but in summer it is the gateway to the Valle de Ordesa national park.  I arrived in Torla after a spectacular drive from Ainsa, parked the car and walked around this charming village.  There are so many beautiful little streets like this one but after a few hours, I headed out by car to the Valle de Ordesa.  Shortly after leaving town, I noticed this cyclist about 50 years old heading the same way as I was.  I would drive about 10 minutes up some pretty steep climbs and stop to take some photos.  Sure enough this guy would catch up and pass me.  This happened at least 4 times as I wound my way up some pretty steep mountains on my way to the park.  I don’t know what impressed me more – the scenery or this fellow on his bike.  In any event it was a great day.  I got some good hiking in and I got to see an Ibex.

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