By the shores of Lake Como

Sitting on a park bench in Bellaggio on the shores of Lake Como, Italy

Here are two very fortunate people looking out onto Lake Como in Northern Italy from the beautifully located city of Bellaggio.  This is the real Bellaggio that the Vegas hotel was named after.  The one in Vegas is nice but I think I like the setting of this Bellaggio better.  It is located at the north end of a peninsula which runs up the middle of Lake Como with the result that both arms of the lake wrap around it.  The city itself is quite attractive and as some might know, George Cluny purchased a villa nearby.  The town is not only surrounded by the lake but by the majestic Alps.  Boats ply the waters taking tourists and residents from one small town to the other.  Because the mountains descend almost to the shoreline, the lake is protected and enjoys a very mild climate considering it is so far north and hardier species of palm trees are not uncommon.  This was taken in August 2008.

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