Hello, my name is Eros Fiacconi and welcome to my website (eroscapes.ca) which features photographs of some of the places I have visited in my travels.  In the blog portion of my site, I feature some photographs with a little anecdote about my visit to that place.

I was born in Torre di Palme Italy but grew up in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada.  I now live in Mississauga, Ontario with my wife and two sons.

By profession I am a City Planner and run my own planning consulting firm although I have been taking photographs for longer than I have been a planner.

I love to travel and my interest in photography is a great complement to this passion.  More than anything, it has increased my sense of awareness of the places I visit and events I see.  Photography forces me to look beyond the obvious and familiar. These interests of mine are so intertwined that my camera follows me wherever I go and in fact I often plan my trips on the basis of the photos I want to take.

Over the years my photographic subjects have varied widely from landscapes, people, buildings, astronomy and so on.  Landscape photography, however, remains my main focus.  It is the very nature of the subject matter, i.e. cityscapes, streetscapes, landscapes etc. that gave rise to the name of this web site:  eroscapes.ca.

I am aware of and greatful for the natural beauty of the world and my photographs seek to reflect this.  A good photograph can be difficult to capture. Sometimes the elements just never come together to create the image sought.  A well taken photograph requires planning, patience, knowledge of the subject matter, good photographic skills, good equipment and, sadly, luck among others.  Photography has taught me patience.  I have tried to teach myself some of the other elements.  Luck, however, often eludes me.

There are times, however, when all that’s needed is luck and you find yourself at the right place at the right time.  That’s why even the least photographically inclined of us can produce a great photograph from time to time.  These occasions are few and cannot be counted on.

Most of the photographs on this web site are digital.  Some of my personal favourites, however, predate the digital era when I took mostly slides.  I have found that when I convert  slides to digital format, they tend to loose  quality and so I have tended to avoid doing this.

I have been trying to incorporate HDR photographs in my collection because I find that HDR photos bring out the full range of light in certain scenes better than a regular photograph.

Photographic Background:

I started taking photos with a Brownie camera when I was quite young.  We  got a movie camera in 1962 which I simply loved and took all sorts of movies especially when we went away on trips.  But there were a lot of shortcomings.  The movie film came in 50 ft. rolls and each roll produced about 3 minutes of viewing time.  Living in the Sault, the film had to be sent out for processing and it took  about a week or so to get the processed film back.  To add insult to injury a 3 minute roll cost a lot of money.  Thank God for digital- at least for movies.

My first SLR camera was a pentax which I purchased in 1976.  Before that I had access to a russian made SLR that my friend brought back from Poland.  It was all manual as were most cameras.  I also had a large format camera – a Rolleicord with a Leica lens – which I used sparingly but which produced great looking photographs.

I am basically self taught.  I have read quite a bit on the subject and continue to do so and I’ve spent a lot of time studying the photographs of some of the greats – Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Andreas Feninger, National Geographic and even some protrait photographers such as Josef Karsh.  There are a lot of contemporary photographers that I like including the group who publish their photos at www.timecatcher.com.  In my early years I  found the books by Andreas Feninger to be especially helpful.

Photography is a means of self expression and while it is important to understand the technical aspects of photography including basics, it is equally important to be able to assess a particular circumstance and compose a photograph that evokes in the viewer the emotions it evoked in you when you took it.

And so with that dear reader, I invite you to view my photographs and to return often to check updates.  If you like them let your friends know.  I hope that the photos will take you away from day to day drudgery or problems, even if for a brief moment, or ignite a spark in you to visit one of these places or to simply seek out your own places of solitude.

Although not shown on the photos themselves, they are all taken by me and the copyright remains with me.  Reproduction of the photos for commercial purposes or without prior written permission is not allowed.


Eros G. Fiacconi